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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Sit Down, Have Some Coffee, Enjoy

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Carl goes Digital

No, don't settle up on those bets just yet: I haven't converted. I've just added a digital SLR to my ever-growing collection of camera gear: the delightful Nikon D50. My goal in acquiring this camera was to integrate a time-efficient color capture and post-processing workflow into my current, mostly B&W film-and-darkroom process. Some things just look better in color; others demand black-and-white. Why limit myself to the latter fraction of subjects?

Film afficianados, don't fret: for really serious subjects, the D50 will likely be no more than a "rehearsal" or discovery device; when ultimate quality is required, I will still reach for the Hasselblad/Zeiss/Ektrachrome combination to produce the final source negative or positive from which to strike release prints for viewing. Just because digital capture is easy and fun doesn't make it right.

Anyway. Enough blabber. Here are the results of my first weekend out with my new baby. My object in creating these images was to see how close I could come to the look of ultra-saturated reversal film through the judicious use of post-processing techniques; I'm trying to avoid the flat, formica, pasty, purple-fringy look that we all tend to associate with 'digital.' Let me know how well I succeeded in your view!


posted 11:57 PM


Anonymous James

nice pics....I think you should compare how it does with B&W next.....same scene with the hassy and the 'kon

posted 12:04 PM

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